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What is the PASS Trial?

Our goal is to assess whether a socially connected physical activity program is able to support the health and well-being of military veterans. The study is also open to currently serving members (regular forces and reserves) of the Armed Forces; the study might be of particular interest to those who might be planning to transition out of the military in the near future.

Who is conducting the PASS Trial?

The trial is being conducted by Dr. Mark Beauchamp and Dr. Eli Puterman and colleagues from the University of British Columbia. This study is funded by a grant (Veteran and Family Well-being Fund) from Veterans Affairs Canada. Although Veterans Affairs Canada has funded this project, they are not involved in conducting this research.

If you decide to join the study:

504 military veterans and currently serving members of the Canadian Armed Forces will be randomized equally into two groups as shown below. You will either be randomized to receive the PASS program shortly after completing baseline measures, or you will be randomized to a wait-list control group where you will receive the program after 6 months.

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